Sunday, November 25, 2007

Awesome news!!!

At church today, we had a vote as to whether to buy some property with an unfinished building on it for our new church.....the vote was 70 yes, 0 no...that is a church committed to growing and reaching out to a new community where we will be located!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!! Can you tell that I am excited? There was an air of excitement and exuberant emotions after the service! We needed something to get us going and I believe this is it! Pastor Ken is going to lead us in God's direction and we will be blessed and will bless others along the way. We are small but mighty in spirit! And I know we will grow fast now that we are united and have a purpose laid out for us. Just wish I could participate more and help the growth get going. But right now, I have to concentrate on getting these knees in the best shape they can be in and helping Jill day to day, as she has gone backwards in her physical strength in the last several months. I want to do for her but I know she has to do for herself if she is to regain her strength. It is hard to know where to stop and when to go.
Thanksgiving was a treat with my daughter, her kids and several of her longtime friends over at my house. We all cooked food and put it together. Charlie made a cherry cheesecake....yummmmm! Pam kept the kitchen clean and washed the dishes by hand....whew...there was a lot of dishes!
Christian spent the last several days with me and I enjoyed every minute! He is a joy to be with and I love him dearly! Wish Tore could have been with us too but she did spend it with Heather and her family.
Well, 4 more days until surgery....and I have a lot to get done! Christmas has to be finished since I will not be able to shop . Hmmmmm....puts me under the gun! But I hope I will be able to crochet more after surgery too.
I am so thankful for the people in my life! Jill makes me humble, Margaret makes me challenged spiritually, Nicole blesses me with her service, Phoebe makes me count my blessings in having my family close, Mom is an awesome mother, James is an exceptional brother, my grands are the best in the world!, Barbara and the Sisters are my spiritual net, and my church family is the greatest! I have no complaints! God blesses me with the people in my life and with His continuing Love and Strength.
Paperback swap is a really great site! If you like to read, join and get books that you may have been looking for by trading books you no longer have a use for. I am getting some books that keep me busy reading and sharing with Jill. We also get books from Goodwill and Salvation Army.
Well, I will close for now. God bless each and every one of you always in all ways.

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