Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Missing you!!!!

On the 8th of January God called Jill home. It is so strange not having her pop in all the time and not going to the Goodwill stores....she isn't pointing that "mommy" finger at me when I do something stupid....38 is so young to leave this earth but at least she isn't suffering any more! The last few weeks were so hard for her!
Jill's mom, best friend Michele, sister Katie and family all got down here to see her while she was still able to know they were here. I am so glad for her. Plus she gave her life to Jesus a few weeks ago so I know she is in heaven with her beloved grandmother and all her pets.
We had the sweetest memorial service here at home for her...Pastor Ken led the service for all of us...there were about 30 people packed in my small apartment but it was just enough room. We all got to tell how Jill impacted each of our lives...I know if she had been here she would have loved it! It was quirky enough for the wakes that used to be held at home.
Jill and I had become so close in the last year...we spent almost all our time together either shopping (her favorite past time), crocheting (her newest hobby), watching tv or just talking. I told her frequently she was my adopted daughter...I loved her as one. She finally got used to being hugged all the time....touching was not natural to her. Her passing has left a big hole in my life and sadness in my heart. But she would not like me being sad all the time (out would come the mommy finger) so I try to just remember all the good times we had and the special relationship we shared.

Well, today I get the cast off the right leg...WOOWOO!!! A long shower is in my immediate future! Now comes the hard part....getting the knee strong so I can get the left one fixed...just so much fun!!! Judy and Peter are taking me to Columbia...long boring ride but it is more fun when several people go and we can talk.

Christian is recovering from a touch of pneumonia associated with his asthma. He is a little trooper...just goes on with a smile! Love that boy!

Tore is getting a new job for a while...she will be in security on base calling for earlier starting time but also earlier getting off time. Gizzy, her puppy, is growing and becoming quite a little lady! She obeys Tore and is getting trained to go out and to get in her kennel. Her pictures are so cute!!!

Jordan and Sydney are doing better in school this year and have quite the social lives...Sydney always has had one! She was so good in her play at school...had the lead part! That is what she wants to do in her she is getting training now.

Jenny, Heather's middle girl, has moved in with me for a while. She will have a baby in August and needed some peace and quiet. She is working at Subway for as long as she can. Due to the back surgery after the car accident she was in this will be a high risk pregnancy. It is good to have someone here to keep me company...she helps me out and I help her for us!

I will close for now with these thoughts....I am so blessed with the friends that I have, the Bible study group ( my Sisters), the church family and my own family (especially my brother, James). They have rallied around me for weeks now and continue to keep me supplied with food and phone calls.
God is good, all the time!!!!

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