Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Time flies by!

It has been a while since I wrote in this blog...after Jill died I lost any interest in continuing on in here...she was the one who started me doing this. But I find it is always good to write down your thoughts and feelings so you can sort them out. So I pick up fingers once again and begin to type.

My granddaughter, Jenny, the one that was in a bad car accident at 16, that required two rods to be placed in her lower back, has moved in with me for the time being since she found herself pregnant. My first great grandson will be born some time in August. It has been heart warming to get to know her all over again as an almost adult. I had forgotten how every single thing that occurs in a teenagers life is extremely important and has to result in the most drama that can be derived from the situation. Peace is no longer an option around here but I must say that it is lively! No dull moments! Her birthday is Saturday and I wonder how that will go...she will be 19.

Our church is getting ready to move into the new building in June, I think, but our pastor'e wife, Terry, is really sick. The doctors don't seem to know what is going on. She falls with no discernable reason and hurts herself in the process. Terry remains unconscious for varying lengths of time. So she has been on bed rest for over a month now. We have been praying for God's healing and it will be done in His time. In the mean time I pray for the family as this is hard on the girls and Pastor Ken too. Many church members have been "taxi" service for the girls and companions for Terry. I wish my car would be reliable enough to help but I never know when it is going to quit all together on me.

The therapy on my right knee has been progressing well and it is getting stronger every day. The surgery for the left one is scheduled for the 29th of May. I am trying to figure out how to get a car to go to Columbia and daughter, Heather, will go and stay with me but we have no transportation. Judy and Peter, a wonderful christian couple, have been taking me down for the doctor visits but this is an undetermined amount of time and I hate to ask them to take me and then turn around in a few days and come back. Gas is too high and it would be an inconvenience. So I am trusting the Lord to come up with a solution.

This month has been a struggle and Murphy can take his law back and stop staying around me for a time. My computer, bathtub plumbing, clothes dryer and now the tv required repair. Unfortunately my small income is not geared to saving any money so I can pay for things like this. I need my ship to come in and for me to be at the dock!!!!!!

It is amazing how much $2000 would put me in much better shape. And my ex, who took off so he wouldn't pay my alimony, owes me $15,900...I could get a car!!! BUT HE IS STAYING IN NORTH CAROLINA TO AVOID THAT.

In spite of my unloading here, God is so good to me! I have a nice apartment, I am not starving, I have clothes on my back, wonderful doctors to take care of me, awesome friends that come through for me when I do get in a bind, great grandkids, children that come through for me when I need them, a brother who helps me every month to stay in this apartment, a mother who thinks of sweet things to get for me knowing I cannot afford to buy new stuff, and I could go on and on. So ignore my is just a way to get it out of my system and keep peaceful thoughts in my head.

I will close on that note and wish everyone a blessed day!

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Michelle Pendergrass said...

Thinking about you.

I had an emotional morning, I can't explain fully why, on this morning, Jill won't get out of my head, but she's in here and won't leave. I posted a blog about her and she's still here. God love her, she's a pest sometimes. LOL. I miss her so much.

She told me she'd do this. I should've known it'd be when I least expect it.