Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where does the time go?

As I get older time seems to have sped up! It is almost September...yay...birthday month! I will be 62 and I want to know where the time went?!? At times I think about my life and wonder if I have done even a smidgen of the things God put me here for. It is too bad we don't have a guide when we are born telling us what we need to do in life to be pleasing to Him. I wonder if we would heed it if we did have one....probably not.
I really dislike listening to the consists of murders, car accidents, death in so many ways! I feel so much for the parents of small children in these times. They have so much to be afraid of and have to teach their children to be afraid and watchful all the time! I wish things could have stayed the way they were when I was growing up. We could play outside from morning to dark and not be afraid of anyone doing bad things to us... we made toys out of what nature provided for us, we had few real toys, we had to use our imagination to play. Only grownups had cars and could drive...we walked everywhere we wanted to go. There were no fast food drive-ins until A&W opened theirs. It was a real treat to go there and get a frosted mug of root beer! With a nickle we could get 5 pieces of candy at the neighborhood shop. We never realized how good life was then. Moms were home when we got out of school...with freshly baked cookies and milk. We had chores to do before we could play and everyone pitched in to get things done....without an allowance. We were a family...where we always sat down for dinner together and said a prayer of thanks for our food and our being together. I'm not saying that everything was perfect....but is there perfection here on earth? At least we always felt safe. I wonder what we are doing to our children today when we teach them to be afraid? When we give them everything they want? When, by the time they are 13, they pretty much know everything good and bad and have done pretty much everything too? What do they have to look forward to?
It is so hard to instill in them the love for God and to follow Jesus' teachings. They are badly influenced by the music, movies, television, the computer and each other. They have ready access to liquor, drugs and sex. And the parents are both working and have little time with their children to teach them what they need to know. Schools are given no control over the kids, daycare is not the place to learn God's principles, God is being taken out of everything possible so no one is offended. Well, I am offended that God is being put "out to pasture" until something awful happens like 9/11 and then everyone wants to know where He was? This nation has been so blessed by God over time and now we want Him out of the way so we can continue doing all the things we want to do that would make us ashamed in His presence. If they only knew!!!! In the past when people abandoned God He allowed pain and suffering for His people to bring them back to that what we want? We better wake up soon or all will be lost....this nation of unbelievers that worship money, power and possessions, that practices every vice known to man, will be brought down . I hope I am with Him before this happens. But I am very worried about our children. They have inherited what their parents have conceived and are not given good role models to learn from.
OK...I will get off my soapbox.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day and god-filled purpose!

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