Saturday, September 1, 2007

God's blessings

I have been so blessed in so many ways! I now have a scooter and an electric lift for my car...I am a free woman...hear me roar! Now I can go where and when I want! Yippppeeeee!!!!!!!
And my brother filled my freezer for the second time in the last few weeks! I sure won't go hungry!
I have the most awesome friends and family!!!! Jill keeps me in line, most of my other friends keep me in their prayers and give me support when I need it. My church is the greatest! I can get all the hugs I want every Sunday (and, of course, I want lots!)
Tuesday morning I begin crochet classes again...sure have missed my ladies!
The temperature has finally dropped below the 100s and we got some much needed will be nice when we have a rainy day and not a thunderstorm downpour but who's complaining? My grass is dancing around out there! My tomatoes are a lost cause this year...I am putting them in the ground next more pots.
I will have to have surgery on my knee in November and we agree this will probably be the last one on this (left) knee.....if this one fails, I will go to a wheelchair....hey, they told me by the time I was 40 I would be in a w/c full time and here I am at 62 and still walking by the grace of God! (and Dr. Voss)
I hope you all have a safe and fun-filled Labor Day weekend! God bless you always in all ways!

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