Monday, September 17, 2007

Crochet, crochet, crochet!

I am trying to get ready for Christmas early by making things but birthdays are getting in the way! But I am making things anyway and enjoying the creation of...oops!..."stuff". (Can't give away the surprise!) In October I am visiting my granddaughter in Illinois and really looking forward to spending time with her! She will soon be 20 and is in the Air Force. I have loved her dearly ever since she was a red-faced newborn, angry because she had the hiccups! She has made me so proud of her in so many ways! Her self confidence and poise are unusual in one so young.
We will visit St. Louis while I am there...looking forward to that too!!! But my yarn, hooks and patterns will go with me so I can continue the present making while she is at work.
Jill is going to keep my cats fed and my plants watered while I am gone...I will have to get her something special to thank her!
I will get back to this later...Right now I have to get back to work!
God bless you all in all ways!

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