Friday, July 13, 2007

Freaky Friday!

I decided not to go on my trip and am staying home.....maybe a great decision but it led to moving my furniture around....yuck! My bedroom is now upside down and I had to take a break. The furniture looks better, not so crammed, but the "stuff" is everywhere looking for a home. That will take longer as I sort through it. As I sort, I am also washing clothes....nothing like trying to do a weeks worth of work all in one day!
But that is the story of my life...overdoing! Thank heavens that I have the weekend to recuperate!
My arm is still in the sling...will start back to physical therapy on Monday. Hope it is better and I won't have to have the surgery all over again.
It is overcast and cooler today...YAY! And it is good sleeping weather. Hmmmmm....a nap sounds wonderful! Maybe after the "stuff" finds it's place.
God is so good! He is the stabilizing force in my life. He answers prayers so often and not always the way I want them but in the best way for me. I am 61 years old and still not sure of anything in this world.
Guess I will get back to work. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend doing what you like best. God bless you!

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