Thursday, July 5, 2007

Life is so unpredictable!

There are so many things in this world that we can say for sure are going to happen but life isn't one of them! Because of other people's actions your own life may be turned upside down. That is the case here. At 61, I have to leave my settled life here for an indetermined length of time. But it is for a good cause so I will be talking to you from another location for a while. But the good/bad news is that my grandson is finally home! It felt so good to hold that little body in my arms again! And now I have to leave him!
Jill and I went to see TRANSFORMERS on Tuesday with Christian, Sydney, Joelle, Jordan, and Maurice, Joelle's boyfriend. Christian was sooooo excited! He has been waiting for a year to see this movie and for a five year old that is an eternity!!! He sat in my lap the whole movie and explained all about the transformer's (autobots and decepticons) names and purposes. It was a joy to watch his excitement and enjoyment of the movie!
Sydney, Jill and I also saw Ratatuoille on was a cute movie! Very good for children or adults (the child in some of us anyway!)
I guess this will be very hard on Jill as well as myself (my leaving here for a while). We have become dependent on each other...if not for her I would have not recovered from the shoulder surgery so fast. She also brings a child-like positive attitude and laughter to my life. We do laugh a lot and that is a good thing. But I will not lose touch for however long I am gone.
Hear that Jill!???! You have it in writing!
God has a purpose in everything that happens and I look forward to seeing the purpose in this. I will miss my family, friends, church-family and personal things for a while but I will be back (soon, I hope). It is strange how set in our ways we can be at times.
God be with you today and always in all ways!

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