Sunday, June 24, 2007

Book lovers everywhere

I have discovered a site that is wonderful! It is a paperback swap site, very well set up and works great! You even print out the postal service paper with all the info you need to send your much fun to browse and ask for. Of course you have to post books too to earn credits to get books. That is also easy...just put in the ISBN number! Here is the site so you can look for yourself.

If you love to read, take a look.
I am looking forward to seeing Evan looks hilarious! Maybe one afternoon this week if I can fit it in between all the therapy and doctor visits this week! Jill is worn out from taking care of me and I can't wait until I get the go-ahead from the doctor to get rid of this sling. Being one-handed and one-legged is quite a feat to pull off and remain in the vertical position! I should have taken up yoga! LOL
I hope you all have a blessed Sunday and that you talk with the Lord daily. He is waiting and listening for you!

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