Friday, June 8, 2007


Friday has arrived in a hurry this week. Between shoulder exercises, crocheting and reading time goes by in a hurry,
Today I talked with my grandson who in going into the 9th grade. Why is it that when we are young we have no patience when things aren't going our way? That we fight for our way constantly and have resigned ourselves that no matter what, we are not going to enjoy anything unless it is on our terms. In this case he is going to the lake with his mother and her not so well liked (by her older two kids) boyfriend to camp for the weekend. His I-pod isn't working so he has to listen" to their weird music", he has to sit squashed into the small back seat of a truck along with his smaller sister and the boyfriend's dog. I understand the problem, and even sympathized with him for the discomfort. When I pointed out that it would only be for a short time (about 45 mins) and then he could enjoy the cookouts, swimming, fishing, etc., he was already determined he was going to have a lousy time.
As I am writing this I realize that even as adults we often sabotage ourselves by making up our minds in advance we aren't going to like something instead of going into every situation with a good attitude and finding something to enjoy in most situations. Oh, well, I better take my own advice. But I am so thankful I never have to be a teenager again!!!! So emotional and dramatic!
This will be a quiet weekend, which is good, as I tend to overdo everything I do. So I will write again soon and until we meet again, God bless you.

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