Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday, Sunday!

I love the Lord's day! This is the day that I concentrate only on Him for a good portion of the day...and give thanks for all the things again that He has done for me in the past week. It gives me time to reflect on His many blessings and the love He has for each one of us.

My shoulder is healing well and due to the diligence of Jill, I am recuperating well also. If I don't do what I am supposed to do (or rather do what I am NOT supposed to do) I get the "mommy" finger. She has given up much of the past two weeks to care for me.

A little about Jill...she is my neighbor in a duplex we live in. We met last fall and have become very close in a short time. Jill has bone cancer, in remission at this time, and is a lovely person. She has a wonderful outlook on life and lives each day to the fullest as far as her health lets her. I love her dearly and hope soon that she will accept Jesus as her Savior. That way she will know that after death (which claims all of us at some point) she will spend eternity with our Lord!

Her opt0mystic attitude and goofy ways make being around her a delight.

Like all of us she lives with pain and sorrow about past deeds or missed opportunities and has not had the "perfect parents" or people to teach her the things she needed to have to make wiser decisions. Some are blessed with Christian parents who guide their children in the ways of God and teach their children the strengths they need to have to make it in this life:

1)faith in God

2)obedience to God

3)self discipline

4)respect for authority

5)always striving to do our best, not outdo someone else

6)avoid gossip

7)be content with doing our best even if it doesn't measure up to someone else

8)take the "me" out of our thoughts and replace it with "others"

9)awareness of other people's problems

10)obey the Golden to others as you would like them to do to you

11)ask God to pick our spouse

12)give without wanting to receive, or get recognition

13)love people the way they are and respect the fact that life has gotten them where they are...they may not have had moral support or even familial or financial support in their lives.

14)never try to seek will hurt y0u much more than the recipient. Each time you cause hurt to someone you die a little inside.

15)go into marriage with the recognition that it is a job for both of you...both work at it or it will fail

16)choose a job that you will be spending much time there.

17)make God the center of your life and you will always have Someone there to look after you, give you support, love you and want the best for could one be lonely?

I wish I had absorbed all of these ideas as a child and had them to guide my life. I spent so much wasted time seeking my own way and making horrible decisions that not only I but my children and family have had to deal with too. But now I trust in God for each and every need, for the joy in each day, for the strength to face life's problems, and for the thankfulness to appreciate the many gifts He gives every day.

May you find this fulfillment in your lives if you don't already have them.

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