Sunday, June 17, 2007


After listening to Dr. Charles Stanley this morning, I began roaming my memories of my children growing up and what I should have done better...first and foremost, I wish I had taught my children to pray always and to depend on God for everything. In this short life we have been given we are to accomplish our God-given purposes. Maybe mine was to make all these mistakes so that when I am ministering to others I can speak with personal experience.
One of my favorite things to do is to pray for others. When we are out and I see someone having a bad day, I offer to pray with them or for them, however they are more comfortable. Touching is another thing I love to do...just a touch on the hand and a sincere concern can open the person to sharing their problems and getting a fresh aspect of their worries. Offering to pray for them often brings a real smile to their faces and maybe a warm feeling that someone cares. The Holy Spirit guides me in this and it is Him working through me. Am I special? NO! I only open up myself to Him to work through me. It is only by God's grace that I come in contact with whomever He wants me to speak to. If you have never experienced this I beg you to open yourself to God to take over your life so you can experience his peace, joy and sense of security, things that no human. no matter how good-intentioned, can provide. All I bring to this blog is given to me by His promises in his Word, the Bible. God has a perfect plan that we cannot possibly fathom for each of us and since He is a perfect God, makes no mistakes. Therefore, whatever has occurred in your life, bad and good, can be used for His purpose. He loves us unconditionally! WOW! So when we go to him in prayer and ask for forgiveness if we are truly penitent, He forgives! Isn't that awesome???
I pray that everyone finds their purpose and just sit back and see the wonders God will do in yours and others lives. God bless you everyone!

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