Saturday, June 23, 2007

Quietly enjoying my Saturday

This is fun! I don't have to go to therapy or any doctor until Monday! I hope I can make it to church this Sunday....depends on Jill since I can't drive yet. She has been in her sleep mode lately.
Joelle came over and planted Jill's flowers for her yesterday. She brought Sydney and Jordan with her. We watched Bridge to excellent movie!...and I gave her a cake for her birthday that she requested. It was a blueberry pound cake that is delicious. I found it in a Light Cooking magazine and it has cream cheese and lemon yogurt in it...yummmmmmm.
It has been drought season here...we need rain!!! The grass is getting brown, the bushes are sparse instead of full and lush. We have had several afternoon thunderstorms but they seem to pass us by. Guess I will have to take out a loan to pay the water bill!!! LOL
My shoulder is coming along very well...I just chafe at the slowness of it but I have to take it slow due to all the reconstruction the doctor had to do this time. Now if I can just stay on my feet instead of meeting the floor at inopportune times, I just might get it strong before I have the knee surgery coming up. As I have mentioned before, I tend to overdo every thing I take on. I heard from my son in Florida last week...he seems to be doing fine. He has been dating a young lady by the name of Annette, who seems to be very good for him. She accepts him the way he is and can deal with his ADD...wonders never cease! I hope this relationship works out so Wayne can experience the joy of a real relationship based on giving by both parties.
Heather, my youngest, moved to Myrtle beach with her daughter, Jenny, for the summer. If it works out she may stay down there. I pray for her to come to terms with life the way it is and also find God in her life. Jenny was involved in a car accident last fall which broke her back. After two surgeries and two rods placed in her lower spine, she seems to be getting along very well. She just turned she will have to deal with this all her life.
I guess I better close for is time to do my exercises....then to crochet!
God bless you all!

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